Visit the “Hart” of Hickory

Hickory, NC

With a “Hart” for preservation and keeping traditions alive – Hart Square takes you back to a time where handcrafted and hard work was the way of life. Most people aren’t aware of Hart Square Village and that it’s located in Vale, NC. One of the best-kept secrets from the Hickory Metro region, Hart Square Village is home to North America›s (maybe even the world›s) largest collection of log structures from the 1800s. The village is truly hidden in nature and has been kept that way through the years to preserve the sacred space that preserves the history of this part of the Appalachian›s. Every October, the Village comes alive with the Annual Hart Square Festival, and this year being the 37th year, we look forward to seeing the hundreds of volunteers, docents, and descendants of families join together to time-hop back to the 1800s. A unique and eye-opening experience to the way things truly were in the 1800s – there is no other experience like it. 

While you’re in town for the Hart Square Festival, make sure to tack on a few more things to round out your weekend this Autumn. Another hidden historical gem is The Harper House, located in Downtown Hickory. BOCA features beautiful outdoor dining in a garden/patio atmosphere with a stone wood-burning fireplace. Take your pick from the family-style Mediterranean and Tapas menu items or choose to taste test your way through traditional Moroccan fare. Mas Amor Cantina is one of our newest locations and offers a second-floor view of Hickory’s beautiful sunsets. Whether you are outdoors on the patio area or inside by the industrial floor-to-ceiling windows, you are in for one of the best sunset views in the area. 2nd Street Inn is in Downtown Hickory along the newly finished City Walk. This 14-room location can be booked through AirBnB or the 2nd Street Inn website. Catch outdoor concerts in downtown Hickory on the Square or at the Hum, Hickory’s newest outdoor music venue. 

37th Annual Living History Festival October 22, 2022 where visitors walk amongst the village structures that have truly come to life. Tickets are on sale now for this truly one-of-a-kind festival. 


Hickory is a wonderful place for visitors! We have great food, furniture shopping, fantastic pottery, our local Hickory Crawdads baseball, and more!

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