Journey Through The Newly Unveiled Hickory Trail Project

Hickory, NC

Nestled in North Carolina’s scenic landscape, Hickory invites adventurers and nature enthusiasts to embark on a journey through its newly unveiled Hickory Trail Project. Promising a fusion of urban charm and natural beauty, this summer take on the exhilarating exploration of Hickory’s City Walk and Riverwalk, with anticipation building for the upcoming additions of the Aviation Walk, Ridgeview Walk and OLLE Art Walk.

The Hickory Trail Project stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to community enhancement and connectivity. Spanning over 10 miles, this ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize Hickory’s landscape, offering safe pathways for cyclists and pedestrians while seamlessly connecting iconic landmarks and recreational havens. Among its highlights are the completed City Walk and Riverwalk, which weave a narrative of Hickory’s vibrant spirit and rich heritage.

Step onto the City Walk, a bustling thoroughfare tracing Main Avenue from Lenoir-Rhyne University through Downtown Hickory and beyond. Here, a tapestry of commerce and culture unfolds, with historic facades coexisting harmoniously with modern business and decadent nosh hot spots. Marvel at the resurgence of downtown living and thriving businesses, a testament to Hickory’s unwavering vision for economic prosperity and urban vitality.

Further adventures await along the Riverwalk, where nature’s serenity merges with Hickory’s urban pulse along the picturesque Catawba River (Lake Hickory). Spanning approximately 2.3 miles through Geitner Park, this verdant sanctuary offers a haven for contemplation and recreation. Traverse wooded trails, cross overwater bridges, and bask in the panoramic vistas of Lake Hickory, a shimmering jewel cradled within the embrace of lush foliage.

While the Aviation Walk, Ridgeview Walk and OLLE Art Walk are still under construction, anticipation runs high for their imminent arrival. These forthcoming attractions promise to enhance the Hickory Trail experience, offering new avenues for exploration and cultural immersion. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a casual explorer, Hickory beckons with endless possibilities for unforgettable summertime escapades

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