Rent An Entire Island Off The Coast Of South Carolina

Private island getaways are the stuff of travel blogs and bucket-list dreams. Perhaps you’ve found yourself dreaming of the idea only to decide it was probably unrealistic for anyone other than rockstars and the wealthy.

Sucked in by the promise of beautiful scenery, the idea of staying at a truly unique location, and the possibility of experiencing just a sliver of that rockstar feeling, I started Googling to find my own private island vacation. 

It turns out there is one private island in South Carolina off the coast of Hilton Head and it won’t break the bank to stay there!

The Private Island at Old House Cay is accessible only by boat and rentable on Airbnb. There is just one off-grid modern home on the property and it runs solely on solar power and battery generators. 

This unique accommodation sleeps six and features a 360-degree porch, a cupola and a perfect firepit. There is no wi-fi but you can get cell phone service. The only TV channels you get are from an antenna. One of the coolest features is that the island has 2 outdoor showers. 

What do you do on an island all day? Crabbing, kayaking, and dolphin watching, from a 2 story dolphin tower. And truthfully, you do a lot of sitting around, but isn’t that kind of the point? Well, that and to feel a little like a rockstar.

Stay an extra day on Hilton Head before you head home. Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks has incredible seafood and the best fried green tomatoes you’ve ever had. They are so good my mom stuck her head in the kitchen to tell them.

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