Pedal For Your Pint In Downtown Hendersonville

Henderson County, NC

On your next trip to the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Hendersonville, consider an alternative form of transportation. Hop aboard the HVL Pedal & Brews pubcycle for a fun-filled cruise to downtown breweries and taprooms.

After opening in late 2019, the pub tour business started strong in early 2020, but then the Covid-19 pandemic knocked it off its wheels. After closing for a few months, the pubcycle reopened in late summer with enhanced cleaning and safety measures, and people warmly welcomed the diversion. 

The mobile pub has 10 pedaling seats, five on each side, and four non-pedaling seats. The driver, or conductor as he is known, sits in the center. The cycle has an electric motor for the Hendersonville hills, so riders shouldn’t worry about having to pedal too hard. The vehicle has a roof overhead and runs rain or shine. Music is a must on the ride, and passersby often smile, wave and dance along with the group.

The standard Pedal to the Pints tour is an hour and a half, and includes two stops along the way. Private tours are also available for groups. Breweries and taproom stops rotate based upon schedules, availability and group preference. Possible destinations include Oklawaha Brewing, Triskelion Brewing, Guidon Brewing, Southern Appalachian Brewery, Dry Falls Brewing and The Blue Door Bottleshop & Beer Hall. 

Passengers may bring beer, wine and cider on board the pubcycle to sip along the tour. Beverages must be transported in a personal cooler, and open beverages can’t leave the pubcycle. 

For those who prefer a dose of history instead of a pint, HVL Pedal & Brews offers a 45-minute alcohol-free Pedal Backwards tour where riders pedal back in time as they pass historical landmarks and hear the stories of Hendersonville’s past. With its beautiful Main Street lined with trees and planters, public art and creative shops, Hendersonville is a natural fit for the pubcycle tours, whether passengers are imbibing or simply sightseeing. 

“People are amazed when they’re on the pubcycle at the different perspective it provides,” Justus says. With no need to worry about driving or directions, riders are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the sights, sounds and sips of Hendersonville.

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