First Ever Youth Native American Powow In Eden, NC

City of Eden, Rockingham County, NC


Due to the potential high winds and thunderstorms, we will be moving the Youth Powwow to Morehead High School Gym located at 134 N. Pierce Street here in Eden.

The gym holds over 3000 people so there will be plenty of space. It will be the same awesome presentation but just inside. See you there!!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 1!!! The Youth Native American Powwow will be the first youth-centered Intertribal powwow in the State of North Carolina that will include all youth-focused head staff and participants.

This event is hosted and sponsored by the City of Eden, Arts Council, Rockingham County Arts Council, Rockingham County Education Foundation, Blue Cross BlueShield, WellCare, Black Indians NC and 7 Directions of Service. The powwow will increase awareness about Native American culture, drum music, various styles of dance and community engagement with a focus on Native American youth spearheading the event.

We will feature Head Male Dancer Christian Sai Martinez and Head Female Dancer Aiyana Malea Suarez with live performances by Host Drum Rez Ratz of the Catawba Nation and invited Drum of North Carolina Native American Youth Organization. The Powwow Council welcomes the community of Eden, North Carolina and beyond to come and experience the first of its kind powwows in North Carolina.

Attendees can also expect the “Girls Smoke Dance” sponsored by the Head Female Dancer, “Crow Hop Dance” sponsored by the Head Male Dancer, Missing & Indigenous Women/Girls Jingle Dance and Every Child Matters live dance performances.

In addition to all these rich cultural performances there will be over 15 Native American artisans on site as well as food vendors. All festivities will be held in Grogan Park located on the campus of Eden City Hall at 308 E. Stadium Drive. Gates open at 10 am with the Grand Entry at 12:00 p.m. Admission is FREE. So, make plans to join us for an extraordinary experience here in beautiful Eden, North Carolina!

For more information contact: Cindy Adams at 336-612-8049 or or go to