Come Find Yourself Again In Nature’s Playground

Come to Burke County to discover what treasures you have been missing. We have so many unique, one of a kind experiences that will bring your mind out of the haze of quarantine and quench your thirst for adventure. One of these treasures is Thermal Valley Hang Gliding. Hang gliding is the perfect post-quarantine experience as it involves being free in wide open spaces, much change from being contained to your at-home office. Thermal Valley is a family owned and operated business that’s mission is to help people feel the exhilarating effects of flying. The tug plane brings you up to 1500 feet then lets you go. You can choose to go fast and spiral down or coast and enjoy the view. They do tandem rides for beginners so someone else is in control and the rider can relax and just experience the 8 to 12 minute journey. 

While you are here we recommend getting back in touch with nature by experiencing some of our many natural resources. We have two state parks, Lake James and South Mountain as well as a large amount of Pisgah National Forest that have many great hikes, sights and sounds that are waiting for you to experience. The weather is beautiful this time of year and the area is vast, and ready to be explored. Come find yourself again in Nature’s Playground, we are here waiting for you.

For more on outdoor adventure in Burke County, call (888) 462-2921, or go online to:

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