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Let The Camping Begin!

Camping is always an adventure but seriously camping in a vineyard has got to be an all-time winner!  Being among the grapevines, on the mountainside, and in the rolling hills is just breathtaking!

On September 12th Round Peak Vineyards will be hosting an all-time favorite The Skull Camp Out. 

Campers come from all over to pitch a tent or pull in the RV to come and enjoy the festivities. I love bringing my friends and family out to enjoy sitting around the campfire, listening to music, making smores, reminiscing over old times, and making a few new ones for the coming years. 

Check-in is as early as 11 am Saturday morning, which gives you ample time to go exploring downtown Mt. Airy. Here you can see The Whittling Wall by Sculptor Brad Spencer, pop into one of the antique shops or a quick stopover to Miss Angels Farm for some fresh fruit & veggies.  You can be a bit more adventurous if you are up for it and head over to Pilot Mountain State Park, Stone Mountain State Park, or a bit smaller and closer Fisher River Park. Either way, you’ll enjoy a great hike, beautiful scenery, and be ready for the evening festivities. 

This year the live music will be George Smith and the Bearded Hunnies, the dinner provided by the infamous Skull Camp Smokehouse with a great selection of Skull Camp beer, and round out the options, Round Peak Winery will be offering up their great wines.

The view is spectacular and an incredible way to end the night; hanging around the campfire, singing, dancing, laughing, and staring up at the moon and stars.

They won’t let you leave on an empty stomach so they will have a continental breakfast ready for you to enjoy in the morning before you head off for your next great adventure! 

The event is on “pause,” not canceled as of July 22nd. Check
www.roundpeak.com for current information on the event. We hope to see you there!

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