Join The Veterans’ REVOLUTION

On November 1, 2022, Blue Ridge Distilling Company is launching DEFIANT PATRIOT AMERICAN SINGLE MALT WHISKY. It is a higher proof whisky than our existing American Single Malt and finished with high char barrels and staves. 

The Mission
We want to start a movement to make November “Veterans’ and Fallen Soldiers’ Month”. One day a year is not enough to acknowledge the sacrifice of our veterans so each year in November, Blue Ridge Distilling Company will be producing our special Defiant Patriot Whisky. A majority of the profits from these American flagged bottles will go to veterans’ charities supporting those who have fought in our wars overseas. We are focusing our funding to those veterans who have been wounded in combat and suffer major disabilities and those who have severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from combat service. 

We sent them into the breach, they heeded the call, and now is the time to repay them for their sacrifice.

Defiant is a new way of distilling. We’re not bound by barrels or recipes or tradition. Our guides are the best ingredients, Mother Nature and our own intuition. We only use four ingredients. Nothing more. We’re starting a revolution in the whisky world. Join us.

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