Inhale… Exhale…

Granville County, North Carolina

The Granville experience is an alternative. An alternative to what you have. A yin, to the everyday yang. Yet this alternative is not far away, but in your own back yard – steps away.

Granville County is not just a location, but a place where you can gather, relax, inhale/exhale, create your own space, and also become part of that space. We are not a destination at which you “arrive” – but a destination in which you insert yourself and interact. Becoming not just a tourist, or guest, but part of a community. A community where quaint gives a nod to eclectic, where small town embraces the heart and soul of hometown, and where rural translates to space to find yourself.

The Granville experience is based on self. Granville County will not exhaust you with an agenda of activities, but rather provide you the space and paths and passageways that you use to define and create your own unique Granville County Experience. An experience that most visitors share with others they bring.

An experience where bicyclists safely discover the countryside of Creedmoor. Where you can take your dog off the leash and share in his exuberance at the Conservancy just outside of Stem. Where Mother Nature hasn’t been outsourced but embraced so that you can get out on the water and decompress or take in the calm of a quaint community gazebo in Butner. Where you can stroll through a park, town street, small shop, or festival in Oxford.

Granville County brings together the best of small-town living and easy access to metropolitan amenities.