Dedicated, Overachieving, And Brilliant!

Tobacco Wood Brewing Opens In RTP


What started as a one time small batch beer called Moose-Canucker, was reworked three times until it tasted the way the small batch did, evolving into The Moose! The Moose is an imperial stout with flavors of chocolate, organic whole bean vanilla, and maple (which is derived from Fenugreek). Because we loved the brew so much and because of its unique ingredients we decided to enter it as one of our 4 beers going to the GABF competition, and enter it as a field beer, meaning it had to have its flavoring derived from something (vegetable/herb/seed) from the field. At the festival we were stunned as in the 4th category announced, The Moose took NC’s first gold medal win for the competition! Add to that, that The Moose was then announced to have won gold for The NC Brewers’ Cup for best stout, beating ourselves with Kilted Eddie also! The Moose is loose and having a great year! Aside from The Moose, TWBC is growing at a rate we never expected!

We are distributed over a large portion of the state, have made custom beers for sports teams like the Burlington Sock Puppets (best name ever for a ball team), and opened our second location in RTP. The Durham site had its soft opening on June 1st (Paul’s birthday) and hard opening on June 2nd (my birthday) of this year. We have been blessed with an incredible team there that meshes with our Oxford crew seamlessly- and some of them even started in Oxford. Taylor, our GM in RTP, started working in Oxford shortly after we opened, and even poured his first beer with us on his 21st birthday! We hope to bring that same feeling of rural small town charm to the Durham area and continue our model of great beer and great food. Durham boasts 31 taps, with 18-19 being TWBC brews, and the remaining are guest taps primarily dedicated to other amazing local NC breweries. We feel fortunate everday to have a crew that has made this a brewery family- a sales team that is kind, innovative and outgoing, our front of house staff is polite, friendly and treats you like family, our kitchen is talented, passionate and creative, and our brew team is dedicated, overachieving, and brilliant! We could not say more great things about all of them and I hope this is visible to our patrons!

– Mara

Durham – Taproom & American Gastropub
2500 Meridian Parkway, Durham, Nc 27713

Oxford – Brewery & Taproom
117 Wall Street, Oxford, Nc 27565