Avery County Quilt Trail Starts On Beech Mountain

Avery County, North Carolina

Dream of a treasure hunt, to be done at your leisure from the comfort of your own car, which leads past timeless works of art, on quiet mountain backroads.  The Avery County Quilt Trail is such a dream, brought to life and headquartered at the Beech Mountain Visitor Center.

The quilt trail showcases fifty-five outdoor works of art, representing the Appalachian heritage craft of quilting. Some of the paintings depict traditional quilt patterns, while others have personal meaning to the creators. The Town of Beech Mountain anchors the trail in Avery County, North Carolina, because it contains more of these artworks than any other area on the trail. Twenty-seven quilt squares can be found in places as varied as the side of a shed or the containers for the municipal trash bins. 

The trail is split up into three sections, and each of them can be done in a couple of hours. If you plan to make a full day of it, there are several dining options in the towns of Beech Mountain, Banner Elk, Newland, Linville, and Linville Falls.  Stop by the Beech Mountain Visitor Center for your map or contact us through www.averycountyquilttrail.com and we will mail a map to you. 

By Kate Gavenus

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