Celebrate A Worldwide Celebration Of Music In Stokes County

Stokes County, NC

Traditional and Bluegrass music in Stokes County, North Carolina, represent more than just a collection of tunes; they embody a cultural legacy deeply woven into the region’s history and identity.

Nestled amongst the Sauratown Mountains, the hollers of Stokes County echo with sounds of banjos, fiddles, and mandolins, carrying on a tradition passed down through generations. The rural landscapes and tight-knit communities have fostered an environment where music isn’t just heard; it’s lived and breathed.

At the core of Stokes County’s musical heritage is Bluegrass, a genre that captures the spirit of the region. With its roots in traditional Appalachian folk music, Bluegrass blends intricate instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics, and harmonious vocals to create an unmistakable sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Stokes County has produced its fair share of musical legends, whose names are etched into the archives of Bluegrass history. From the legendary Earl Scruggs, whose innovative three-finger banjo picking revolutionized the genre, to contemporary artists like the Kruger Brothers, who continue to push the boundaries of Bluegrass while staying true to its roots, the county boasts a lineage of talent that inspires and captivates.

Celebrate with us during the Worldwide Celebration of Music known as “Make Music Day” on June 21st. The Stokes County Arts Council in partnership with a few local venues for open Bluegrass Jams or live music event will have local musicians on site throughout the day. Venues include StoCo Provisions in King, Daily Basket in Germanton, The Arts Place in Danbury, 1889 Taphouse in Walnut Cove, and Dragon Glass Winery in Madison. Grab your favorite stringed instrument and join in on the open jam, don’t be afraid to learn a little from local bluegrass aficionados, or bring your dancin’ shoes and join in on the local fav of flat footing. www.StokesArts.org

But beyond the spotlight, Stokes County’s musical tradition thrives in everyday life. It’s on the front porches where families gather to pick and sing, in the community gatherings where old-time tunes echo through the hills, and in the festivals such as the annual Stokes Stomp Festival on the Dan, celebrating the timeless melodies of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Through this vibrant tapestry of timeless Bluegrass melodies and soul-stirring strains of traditional music, the county continues to forge connections, bridge divides, and remind us of the beauty found in our shared cultural heritage. As long as there are strings to be plucked and songs to be sung, the legacy of Stokes County’s musical heritage will endure, a source of inspiration and pride for generations to come. www.hangingrock.com

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