Searching High And Low For Fun

High Country

For many years Beech Mountain has welcomed visitors who stayed on the mountain and enjoyed various outdoor activities such as winter sports, hiking, biking, birding, fishing and canoeing to name a few. With the paving of Buckeye Creek Road in July of last year, came easy access to the Watauga Lake and surrounding areas. 

That’s how the idea for the Hi-Lo Adventure Trail was born. Connecting the communities of Beech Mountain and the Tennessee valley, the Hi-Lo Adventure Trail highlights various recreational options and allows adventurers to experience the beauty of the High Country and the surrounding areas. With three loops to choose from, you are sure to find fun for the entire family. 

Follow the Mountain 2 Mountain Loop for a scenic drive along the beautiful countryside from Beech Mountain, NC to Mountain City, TN. Along this trail you’ll find dining, shopping and entertainment. You can learn local history at the Beech Mountain and the Butler museums, visit various antique shops and even spend the day on an OHV wilderness adventure at the Doe Mountain Recreation Area. 

From coffee and ice cream to something a little stronger you’ll treat your senses along The Tasters Loop. Featuring three wineries, two breweries, coffee and ice cream shops and even an outpost dedicated to everything jerky, not to mention the iconic Mast General Annex (with more candy than Willy Wonka’s factory), this trail is an excellent way to take in the local flavor, both literally and figuratively. 

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, boating, kayaking, fishing, those looking to go with the flow will love the Lakeside Loop. Starting off at Lake Coffey and Buckeye Lake on Beech Mountain, you’ll follow this trail to Watuga Lake, where you’ll find marinas, restaurants and more. Further along you’ll come across a couple of opportunities to stretch your legs on hiking trails to Laurel Falls and Elk River Falls.

Kate Gavenus

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