Experience Stokes County In A New Season!

Stokes County, NC.

A diverse region of artists, agriculture, charming general stores, local eateries, and scenic beauty, Stokes County, North Carolina is a gloriously good time in the wonderland of Mother Nature’s splendor. Find your escape from the everyday hustle and bustle by distancing yourself from the crowds for a little retail therapy or a heapin’ helpin of vittles and fixin’s at southern diners and longtime favorites like Hillbilly Hideaway. At this hidden gem in Pine Hall, bring a group to gather round the table for a
Meat and Three. Waiters bring out a table full of casserole dishes and pans of meats, green beans, taters, creamed corn and more. Each table in this long standing restaurant is likened to the traditional southern dinner table at grandma’s house. 

With cool temperatures comes ample outdoor recreation at Hanging Rock – a picturesque state park just waiting to be explored in a whole new season. Take a brisk winter hike up the park’s winding mountain paths and enjoy spectacular views of the area. On the coldest of days, the park’s five waterfalls – Window Falls, Hidden Falls, Tory’s Den Falls, Upper Cascades, and Lower Cascades – can be found frozen in time – a majestic and awe-inspiring sight. 

Soar above the treetops all year round with Carolina Ziplines, offering thrilling zips with unparalleled views. From the Jessup Mill Public Fishing Area, residents and visitors cast their lines into the Dan River, in hopes of catching a stunner of a trout and at Harts Access and Public Fishing Area, a concrete ramp lead down to the Dan River for easy access. 

The Arts Place of Stokes is the county’s cultural and entertainment center for visitors and locals, showcasing local and regional artisans and musicians through exhibits, and featuring a retail market. Listen to home-grown music as it sweeps through the hills and towns of Stokes County. And taste the flavors of the area with an expertly crafted brew from Midsummer Brewing Company in Westfield. Celebrate the most magical day of any lifetime with a private event at Moore Springs Manor – Stokes County’s premier event venue. 

Whether it’s escaping in the great white wonderland of a snow covered state park, having your breath taken away at the enchanting and magical sight of a frozen waterfall, or embracing the arts and crafts of the county’s quaint, charming, and always welcoming towns, Stokes County has everything you have been looking for in an ideal winter getaway. 

The perfect mountain getaway, closer than you think. www.hangingrock.com

The perfect mountain getaway, closer than you think. Experience hiking trails, waterfalls, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, fishing and more. Enjoy a leisurely float down the Dan River by canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or tube. www.hangingrock.com