Up In The Air On Weekend Plans? Here Are A Few Destinations.

Planned Getaways or Adventures ala-carte, Burke County North Carolina is your destination to distance yourself from ordinary weekends.

Up in the Air

Thermal Valley is a family owned and operated business whose mission is to facilitate people to feel the exhilarating effects of free flying through our discovery of tandem hang gliding flights. You start out with ground school training and paperwork then they will help you in your harness. After a final safety check, the tug pilot takes off and up you and your instructor go in the wild blue yonder! When you reach your target altitude, the glider releases the tow line and begins free flight. Thermal Valley’s 1500 foot flight lasts 8 to 12 minutes and each 500 foot increase will add up to five minutes depending on the atmospheric conditions.

Hang Gliding allows you to see the world from the point of view of a free-flying bird. Schedule your tandem hang gliding flight with them today!

Well Grounded

The Catawba Valley is located along the Catawba River between the foothills of the Blue Ridge and the South Mountains near Morganton, North Carolina.

The Catawba Valley Wine Trail features 5 wineries – all located within minutes of Interstate 40 between Exit 90 and Exit 112. We are located only 45 minutes east of Asheville, NC and 45 minutes west of Statesville, NC.

Each winery along our Wine Trail offers wine tastings and tours while providing unique surroundings for spending time and enjoying a picnic or share a bottle of wine with friends.

You’ll find a variety of wine styles along the Catawba Valley Wine Trail. From sweet Waldensian Wines made in the tradition of the Valdese area’s original Italian settlers to the dry, award-winning Bordeaux-style wines from South Creek Winery.

Enjoy magnificent views of the South Mountains from Silver Fork Winery and have fun with an unpretentious wine tasting at Belle Nicho Winery. Of course, don’t forget to check out the latest solar power technology in use at Lake James Cellars, an award-winning winery powered by the sun.

For more on outdoor adventure in Burke County, call (888) 462-2921, or go online to: discoverburkecounty.com.

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