The New GoGastonNC Site Makes Destination Decisions A Snap!

Go Gaston. Get Online.

Gaston County Travel & Tourism has raised the bar on destination website design. Visitors to will find a digital how-to guide for pre-planning their trip and maximizing their stay in Gaston County.

New and upgraded features include: an interactive trip planner, suggested itineraries, continually-updated event calendar, partner-centric imagery, informative blog stories and Instagram shared content

“Developing the site and content strategies was not a ‘business as usual’ project. Gaston County’s destination organization staff consists of tourism professionals who understand the future of digital marketing and innovation. They challenged our team to offer digital solutions that will draw visitors to the website and inspire travel to Gaston County. We are honored to be part of this project and by extension part of Gaston’s innovative team,” says Franci Edgerly, CEO of ITI Digital. 

The relaunch involved several innovative advances including: an interactive trip planner, pre-packaged suggested itineraries, real-time event calendar, asset-driven, partner-centric imagery, insider-written, informative blog stories, and user-generated Instagram content shared by visitors enjoying a wide variety of county tourism-related locations. With video, social media, a searchable database, and mapping functions, these new tools create an immersive experience, helping those planning trips to imagine themselves already here.

“With the user’s primary trip needs in mind, the launch of motivates travel to our destination by informing them about the amenities and activities we offer here in a visually immersive and interactive way,” said Michael Applegate, Director of Gaston County Travel & Tourism.

Gaston County Travel & Tourism optimizes our county’s brand experiences to drive visitation and partner economic growth. Rapidly becoming the North Carolina Piedmont’s premier outdoor recreation destination, we celebrate our community’s authentic tourism attractions, from beautiful natural settings to charming small downtowns, which thrill adventure travelers or delight those wanting to kick back and relax.

Applegate said “Users will be impressed with the site’s trip planning function which provides access to dozens of pre-created itineraries, as well as the ability to create your own, and then maps selected places of interest.” He also noted “Particular focus was given to outdoor recreation and walkable downtowns, but, based on the time of year or current events the site offers the flexibility to be quickly edited to support any special topics.” 

Gaston County Travel & Tourism ( connects out of town visitors to our local tourism partners, providing satisfying stays for travelers and inspired clientele for area hospitality businesses.

Gaston County offers visitors a variety of attractions to enhance your trip including museums, botanical gardens, extreme sports, hiking, dining and entertainment parks, art and history and more.