A Bizarre Trip To Wilmington

Sometimes side streets make for the best discoveries on a road trip.

Wilmington is a charming escape. The port city blends history with the vibrant energy of a college town.  The beautiful Cape Fear river is flanked by homes with porches that make you want to sit on them and waste away the afternoon sipping a mint julep.

There’s enough to see and do without checking out the side streets… BUT… the next time you are walking the waterfront for a little shopping or in the mood for the best shrimp and scallop dish of your life at the Pilot House, stop at the small museum tucked along a side street.

I’m not talking about the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science or the Wilmington Railroad Museum or the Cameron Art Museum. I’m talking about the Museum of the Bizarre. It’s a big one room display of oddities and curiosities that are fun for the imagination!

Among the exhibits:  Alexander Hamiltons Hair – Houdini’s Ouija Board – A 2 headed calf – The supposed remains of a mermaid found on Fort Fisher – A unicorn horn.

There’s even a selfie station with some classic creepy movie characters.

Besides, you’ll still have plenty of time left to stop at the Battleship North Carolina or lay around at one of the three beaches within a 30 minute drive.

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