Wild West Comes To Rockingham County


Rockingham County, NC

The Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its 2023 Membership Annual Dinner will be held at Southern C’s Farm located in Summerfield NC on March 30, 2023. WRCC prides itself by having a fun and relaxing membership dinner each year. The theme for their 2023 dinner is Wild West! Rockingham County historically has referred Mayodan, Stoneville, and Madison as the “West Side” and therefore the WRCC Board has planned to take this cliche to the next level.

“Wild West” dinner will provide a traditional BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken with sides as the menu and Bake Me Happy will offer a variety of sweets for dessert. WRCC wants all members to plan to attend and if possible dress in their favorite Western Attire. And don’t be surprised if your name and picture appear on a “Most Wanted Poster”. 

 If you wish to purchase tickets for the WRCC 2023 Annual Membership Dinner email info@wrcchamber.com to reserve your spot. The Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce strives to build stronger relationships with our members and members of our communities.

– Tara R. Martin

For more information, wrcchamber.com. info@wrcchamber.com