Eden’s Eight-Shop Holiday Hop

City of Eden, Rockingham County, NC

In Eden, North Carolina, a cluster of unique and charming boutiques have captured the essence of local flavor and entrepreneurial spirit. Each store offers something special: fashion, coffee, artisanal crafts, or antiques. Let’s take a delightful tour through these gems that make Eden’s shopping scene shine.

Lavenders Blue Home and Body Boutique caters to those who seek natural and luxurious home and body products—offering soap-making classes while sipping your latte or wine.

2 Blue Octopus Antiques & Artisans brings history to life with a carefully curated selection of antiques, art, and vintage items. It’s a journey through time, a place where each piece tells a story and where collectors and history enthusiasts can explore treasures from the past.

3 Southern Julep Boutique is a fashion lover’s haven, offering carefully curated clothing and accessories with a Southern flair. 

4 Sunday Morning Coffee adds an aromatic touch to your shopping experience. This quaint coffee shop within Southern Julep Boutique is the perfect place to sip a latte while exploring the boutique’s wares.

5 Simply MK’s is a haven for those seeking artisanal crafts and unique gifts. It is a great option to grab lunch or a cocktail while shopping. From handmade jewelry to intricate ceramics, this boutique showcases the talents of local artisans. 

6 Front Porch captures the essence of Southern hospitality. This cozy shop offers home decor and gifts with a touch of Southern charm.

7 That little Pork Shop sizzles with savory delights. With their flavorful pork creations.

8 Hive: A locally owned craft beer and wine restaurant featuring a delicious small-plate menu and charcuterie boards.

Each shop offers a unique shopping experience, a chance to discover the heart and soul of the town and a warm, welcoming smile from the passionate people who run them. Eden’s shopping scene reflects its community, and these boutiques are the heart of that story. 

For more information contact: Cindy Adams at 336-612-8049 or cadams@edennc.us or go to ExploreEdenNC.com