Granville Outdoors. Unique Spaces. Great Fun.

Granville County, NC

Spring is here and it’s time to get outdoors and take in the emerging beauty of Granville County. With everyone looking to get some fresh air, we recommend visiting these spaces in Creedmoor and Butner. 

Lake Rogers

Located just northwest of the City of Creedmoor. Lake Rogers is newly renovated. The centerpiece is a boardwalk that connects across the lake and provides access to fishing platforms and extensive walking trails.  Visitors can also take advantage of a playground area, a concession stand with boat rentals and light snacks and drinks, and public restrooms. Additionally, the park is connected to wi-fi, so it is not unusual to have business people and students enjoying the weather while also taking care of business. 

Gauntlet Fitness & Walking Trail 

This second park is a bit more unique and offers a fresh alternative to outdoor recreation and fitness.  Located at 2186 Brassfield Road in Creedmoor, the Gauntlet Fitness & Walking Trail is a 1.1 mile trail outfitted with a variety of fitness stations designed to challenge hikers. The trail is open from dawn to dusk every day throughout the year.  

Lake Holt 

A fishing paradise, the 385-acre lake does that is known for its fishing. Non-power boat rentals are available with kayaks, paddleboards, johnboats leading in popularity. Due to its primary use as a water reservoir, there is no swimming permitted at the lake. 

Outside the water there is a 10-acre recreation area that includes 13 picnic tables, a picnic shelter, and playground. A hidden gem at the lake is the Lake Holt Grill and Marina. 

Note: fishing boats are allowed but they don’t allow jet skis or any ski activity. 

Granville County brings together the best of small-town living and easy access to metropolitan amenities.