Farm To Table Without The Table

“Strawberries (and more!)” Who would have thought that would be a rallying cry? But here we are in the midst of a very difficult time, and also at the beginning of the North Carolina Strawberry season. The great news is these two points can intersect in Granville County as farms are cleared as “essential” because of the food supply they provide to households. 

Two farms in Granville County taking the lead in delivering essential fruit and produce are Lyon Farms in Creedmoor and Christmas Place Strawberry Farm in Bullock. 

“We’re doing everything we can to keep up supply” says Mark Lyon who runs Lyon Farms with his wife Rose. The farm currently supplies pre-made boxes of a cross section of vegetables for sale at the farm and at select community sites such as the Carrboro Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and at the Wilton Pizzeria on Wednesday. At the farm strawberry “picking” will begin in the next few weeks and offer “you pick” and “we pick.” Everything is outdoors which also provides a level of safety.

The Christmas Place Strawberry Farm is a dedicated strawberry farm with 3 acres of crops. The large fields are ideal for safe, distancing while picking as the rows are over 300 feet long. The farm will monitor the crowd and space families out accordingly. They are reporting a “bumper crop!” So keep a distance, but get you fresh produced in Granville County.

Find These Farms On Facebook
Lyons Farm: 1544 Munns Road, Creedmoor, NC. (919) 528-3263 
Facebook @Lyon Farms 

Christmas Place Strawberry Farm: Harry Davis Road, Bullock, NC (919) 693-4496 Facebook @Christmas-Place-Strawberry-Farm

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