Carolina Craft Passport Digital Passport To Artisan Destinations

Are you daydreaming about the time you can get back out on the road to find new destinations to perk your pallet and soothe your soul?

If you find it challenging to stay at home, but you want to do what’s best for the country, we have a suggestion. The Carolina Craft Passport is a digital passport to guide you to craft beverage trails and artisan destinations throughout North Carolina. 

Breweries, wineries, and distilleries are deemed essential by the state. In fact, some of the restrictions on purchasing beverages have been lifted!

The Craft Passport will guide you to some of the smaller craft producers around the state, the kind of place the person bringing your purchase to you is most likely the artisan who created it!

What else does the passport do?  Like most passports, when you visit a destination, you receive a stamp to verify that you were there. The craft passport is a digital passport with a digital stamp. When you arrive at a destination listed in the passport, you are sent a four-digit code that you enter into your passport. No handing the phone to a stranger, you do not have to enter the building to receive your code. 

I’m sure you read something about a reward. Well, here it comes! You collect stamps to redeem them for rewards! That simple! Visit the Craft Passport website for more information and to download the app. 

The Carolina Craft Passport is a reward program to nudge you to get off the well-worn path and experience boutique craft beverage destinations across the region.