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Webb Custom Kitchen

How many times have you walked into a business with high expectations and were thoroughly surprised to have those expectations exceeded in every way?

Webb Custom Kitchen in Historic Downtown Gastonia is such a venue. When you walk through the doors of this re-engineered 1927 Theater, you are surrounded by modern luxury. After just a few moments, you know this is your new favorite place.

Owner Jim Morasso found this beautiful building in gorgeous Historic Downtown Gastonia. His goal, to bring the theater back to life. Combining a unique dining experience of modern luxury merged with authentic historical significance. The contemporary design of the restaurant is featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. 

Once you are seated, your experience begins with Aarons team of servers, support, and kitchen staff that work together to make sure your contemporary culinary adventure is extraordinary. Large groups, events, or special occasions are all “on the table” for this team. In fact, Forbes Magazine recognizes Webb Custom Kitchen as one of the Top 100 romantic restaurants in America.

The guests are not the only beneficiaries of outstanding service. Webb Custom Kitchen supports several regional not-for-profits. Chefs volunteer with Salvation army, walk down the street once a week to train staff and prepare meals. 

No matter how beautiful, charitable, or friendly a restaurant is, it still comes down to the food. Once again Webb goes beyond your highest expectations. The signature dishes are based on North Carolina Certified Angus Beef Cooked at 1900°. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

Jim Marosso says, “If you don’t know the products you serve, you’ll make some bad choices.” Jim and his team follow the products they serve from field to table. “ The difference between an outstanding product and average product, cost wise is very close.”

One of the neatest things I think is the Porterhouse Club. Carnivores from age 13 to well… let’s just say to very mature are on “the boards.” Some of the members have eaten two in one sitting! All you have to do become a member is finish one 40oz Porterhouse. What a way to celebrate food!

When it comes to the Craft Cocktail program, the man behind the curtain is Andy. His creations are cocktails that are based on classics but have a twist that aligns with the movie theater theme of the restaurant.

Stop in and experience Gastonia’s “overnight” success. Webb Custom Kitchen will be your new favorite place.

Webb Custom Kitchen
182 S South St, Gastonia, NC

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