The Art Of Barbeque

Goldsboro, Wyane County, NC

Most people visit museums to experience a place’s heritage, but in Goldsboro, our heritage is one you just have to taste to understand.

For Goldsboro, Wayne County Barbeque is more than just food. It’s our heritage. No matter where you’re from or the color of your skin, the people here have smoke, fire, and vinegar running through their veins. From the farmland to the pits, Barbeque is the product of the Goldsboro way of life. One that’s resourceful, resilient, and takes patience, so that no matter what life throws at us, a culture of smoke and fire will remain. 

The options in this historic spot are endless: Grady’s BBQ, an unassuming-looking, family-run business turning out mouthwatering classic ENC BBQ; McCall’s, with lines running out of the door for their barbeque buffet extraordinaire, and banana pudding famed for miles; Adam’s Barbeque, with a roadside and downtown location, for your fill of Texas inspired barbeque and brisket; and Stonewall’s, another hidden gem loved by the locals, serving game-changing fried chicken.

While barbeque restaurants all across the country are forced to close under financial strain, there is one place here in Wayne County that is more than just a barbeque restaurant. It’s an institution, a legendary and unmissable stop for any barbeque fan. That place, is Wilber’s BBQ. Testimony to the resiliency of Goldsboro’s BBQ heritage, this adored institution is back to serving up savory, legendary ‘cue. 

To plan your barbeque adventure, check out to download our map and passport. 

Nestled in the heart of eastern NC between Raleigh and the coast, we are a destination with rich culture and heritage. Our heritage has deep military and agricultural roots. And, let’s not forget to mention our legendary BBQ! We sum up ourselves with 4 Ps: pigs, pickles, planes, and poultry!